Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tamsin German: Stressed? Then you need yellow!!

Tamsin German: Stressed? Then you need yellow!!: Our stress centre is our solar plexus chakra. Here we feel a tightness that affects our breathing when we experience stress and worry....

Stressed? Then you need yellow!!

Our stress centre is our solar plexus chakra. Here we feel a tightness that affects our breathing when we experience stress and worry. It is at the base of our sternum at the bottom of the centre of the rib cage. When working properly this energy centre controls our digestion and personal power.
   But....during times of stress it will go out of balance and cause a tightness around the ribs. Our diaphragm will contract and we will shallow breathe. This will cause cloudy fuzzy thinking which adds to our feelings of stress.
   So what can we do?
Eat yellow fruit such as melon, bananas, yellow plums and lemon juice. Lemon juice in water is great for the solar plexus and also helps boost the livers function. Our livers go into over drive when we are stressed, especially if we comfort eat the wrong foods. lemon juice is a great natural booster and tonic for the liver.
  Yellow peppers, sweetcorn and squash are great yellow foods to help boost the solar plexus chakra. Organic is best but some is better than none!
   Wearing yellow tops also helps, especially when they cover the rib cage. Or hug a yellow pillow while relaxing or watching TV. Yellow flowers near by are also a great booster.
    Crystals such as Citrine and yellow Calcite can be kept on the body to help add healing energy to the chakra. Pop them down your bra ladies or in your pocket.....ladies and gents!!
    Chakra symbols are also a great way to instantly balance the centre. simple sit softly gazing at the symbol and breath in peace and out tension. Repeat for as long as you can. 10-30mins would be a good start.

So add a bit of yellow to your life!!

Love & Light
Tamsin xx

Monday, August 8, 2016

Tamsin German: Need more Joy in your life...?

Tamsin German: Need more Joy in your life...?: Our sacral chakra is our centre for feeling joy. It is our centre for relationships with our self and others. Once we learn how to have a...

Need more Joy in your life...?

Our sacral chakra is our centre for feeling joy. It is our centre for relationships with our self and others. Once we learn how to have a relationship with our self we can enjoy forming relationships with other people. After all there is no better joy in life than having a good laugh with friends!
But like all our chakras this one can become blocked and we can begin to feel down in the dumps, as if all the joy has been sucked out of us. We all experience this feeling sometimes.
So what can we do about it to boost our emotions?
Wearing orange is a great way to do this. Orange is a joyful colour. So when feeling a bit blue pop on an orange T shirt! It is not coincidence that blue is the complimentary colour for orange!!
Eating orange fruit and vegetables can also help. Orange peppers, carrots, butternut squash are great choices and full of nutrients. Or juicy oranges and orange plums are a great sweet alternative.
Crystals are another way to get a boost of healing energy. Sunstone, orange calcite or citrine are all joyful stones. Just pop one in your pocket and go about your day with a little bit of extra help!
Or gazing into the chakra symbol above will help boost your chakra function. Sit and relax while gently breathing in the colour orange and softly gaze at the symbol. You should feel the tension leave your body and relaxation begin to fill it. Do this for 10-15mins or more if you have the time.

Just a few quick tips to bring your joy bounding back!!
Love & Light
Tamsin xx

Sunday, August 7, 2016

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Need MORE energy? Read on...

When we feel constantly tired it can be because our adrenal glands are exhausted. These little glands work to release hormones when we get stressed. This is their normal function. When the stress goes they stop producing hormones. The problem most of us have is that we don't have a "no stress" time!!
One problem seems to meld into another and so on. Which means that these glands get exhausted.
So what can we do?
Well we can help boost the energy centre connected with these glands to bring more vitality and less stress to the body.
Our base chakra is the energy centre connected directly to our adrenal glands. They work hand in hand. Coincidentally our base chakra is our survival chakra. It is the energy centre that deals with all aspects of our survival, ie: money, work. So its no wonder that it is connected to the adrenal glands is it!!
The colour of this chakra or energy centre is red. So to help boost this centre you need to bring more red into your life.....
How can we do this?
Wear red under wear as this will be directly covering the area where this energy centre is which is the base of the spine in the groin area.
Eat red foods: red peppers, red chillies, tomatoes, red apples, strawberries, red currants....
Use crystals that work with the base chakra such as red crystals, hematite, flamingo jasper, petrified wood...pop them in your pocket to give you  boost of energy.
Meditate with a red cloth (a red T shirt will do) to get an extra boost of energy or use one of my base chakra boxes or my chakra wall hanging (Hand decorated base chakra box 10€ & wall hanging  40€) to help re-balance the energy centre. Simple sit gazing softly at the base chakra symbol to bring balance back and to give the body a well needed bit of quiet time.

AVOID taking coffee or sugary products when feeling tired because these will exhaust the adrenal glands even more and will only give a temporary boost which will soon turn into an energy crash. Bananas are a slow release energy food so munch on one of these instead. Nuts and seeds are great to help boost energy levels and so are dates or prunes. Ensure you get enough sleep and power nap for 10mins during the day if needed. Listen to what your body needs!!

Love & Light
Tamsin xx