Monday, August 8, 2016

Need more Joy in your life...?

Our sacral chakra is our centre for feeling joy. It is our centre for relationships with our self and others. Once we learn how to have a relationship with our self we can enjoy forming relationships with other people. After all there is no better joy in life than having a good laugh with friends!
But like all our chakras this one can become blocked and we can begin to feel down in the dumps, as if all the joy has been sucked out of us. We all experience this feeling sometimes.
So what can we do about it to boost our emotions?
Wearing orange is a great way to do this. Orange is a joyful colour. So when feeling a bit blue pop on an orange T shirt! It is not coincidence that blue is the complimentary colour for orange!!
Eating orange fruit and vegetables can also help. Orange peppers, carrots, butternut squash are great choices and full of nutrients. Or juicy oranges and orange plums are a great sweet alternative.
Crystals are another way to get a boost of healing energy. Sunstone, orange calcite or citrine are all joyful stones. Just pop one in your pocket and go about your day with a little bit of extra help!
Or gazing into the chakra symbol above will help boost your chakra function. Sit and relax while gently breathing in the colour orange and softly gaze at the symbol. You should feel the tension leave your body and relaxation begin to fill it. Do this for 10-15mins or more if you have the time.

Just a few quick tips to bring your joy bounding back!!
Love & Light
Tamsin xx

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