Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#Heal your #chakras ...heal your life: An easy to follow self help guide to #health and #happiness.

YES its here... the book that will change your life in positive ways!! What started as a way for me to get through a difficult time in my life, my notes gradually took the form of a book.....and 8 yrs later its here!!!
I am incredibly excited to see all my hard work in print form. It was very much a start and stop process, sometimes with me putting my pen down for 5-6 months at a time.....then I would get a rush of excitement as new ideas popped into my brain.
This book explains why and how the physical and spiritual bodies work together to give us perfect health. I have explained both sides because it helps us to better understand how we operate and how we hold the key to our own health and happiness.
Part two is about how we can help heal our life using various alternative techniques. I have chosen what worked best for me and were easy to incorporate into everyday life. We all lead busy lives so it was important for me to have easy methods to heal my life whilst trying to work and be a mum.
Some will resonate others may not .... learn to listen to your body and enjoy your healing journey.
We are all on a journey here on Mother Earth so lets enjoy it for the time we are blessed to be here. Life is short so live each day to the full.

My book is available from my website 20€ or (printed and ebook)

Love & Light
Tamsin xx

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