Monday, September 19, 2016

Inspirational Sayings really do help!

We live in a hectic society where we rush from one place to another and hardly take time to breathe let alone time to contemplate things.
So my solution was to create a calendar with inspiring quotes because we all look at calendars to confirm where we need to be!
There is soo much beauty around us that we don't see that I thought what could be better than inspiring quotes set to the beauty that surrounds us.
So hey presto I present my calendar to uplift your spirits. All the photographs are taken in my local area (Valencia Spain) to show you some of the beauty that lays in wait for you.
So remember take time to enjoy the beauty as nature is a healing balm we all need in our busy lives.
Also read the quotes to inspire you to remain positive in an often negative world.
And smile because it releases feel good happy hormones!
Cost 9€ (+ p&p)

Love 'n' Light

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