Thursday, February 2, 2017

Using #Vision #Boards to #Manifest all your #Dreams....

    These are a creative way to visualise your dreams. They work on the same principle as visualisation but the only difference is that you create your vision on a piece of paper or card. So if you want to attract money into your life you would cut out pictures of money and things that you want the money for and stick them creatively on a piece of card or paper. The size doesn’t matter it’s the creative energy that you are creating that counts, by making the vision board. You can create an elaborate board or just place a few relevant pictures. 

     You don’t have to be artistic as it’s only your representation of what you want. Then once you have created your board you can place it in a prominent place so that every time you pass it you think about what you want. 

    You can create different boards for different things or put it all on one board. Let your imagination run wild and have fun while you do it. Once you have attracted part of what you want in life you can replace the pictures with something else or create a new board.

     This is an extract from my book "Heal your chakras...Heal your life"

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