Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This saying is so true to life. We all go through difficult times where we think that's it... I've lost everything and I can't fall any deeper into the black hole. But then something happens...when we stop trying to force our life to move in the direction we think it should go, it goes by itself!

Smoothly and with out hold ups!

Yes the ability to let go and let be is one of the hardest things to learn. We all suffer from a lack of patience and try to force everything to move at our pace...0-60 in 1 second!!

Life is energy and must ebb and flow. When we want something to happen we only think about what we need and not about the hundreds of other people that will be affected, even people that we don't know!

That is because the world and everyone in it is energy. So when we make a change it affects everyone else. The universe has the big task of trying to balance all the other bits so we can get our bit...and that does not take 5mins!!

So the next time you feel at a low or think life has passed you by...remember it hasn't, it just has a lot of other things to do before we can get our bit!

These plaques are handmade to help remind us of just this. They can be made to order with any phrase you are drawn to.

They come in square, rectangle and heart, or as above in a larger size that has words and a picture on it.

This one is available at the reduced price of 15€ for the month of April (normally 25€)

Love & Light
Tamsin x

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