Saturday, November 4, 2017

Simple Herbal Cures...

With winter fast approaching our bodies will be getting ready to fight off the onslaught of colds which seem to be more prevalent during the winter months. Herbal remedies are a simple way to combat those nasty bugs...

Garlic is a one of natures best antibiotics. Add it to your food near the end of cooking to ensure as much of the goodness is preserved. Add to salad dressings to give a healthy boost. Or slice a clove up and swallow the pieces....don't chew them as they may burn the mouth.

Or you can make garlic honey which can be slightly more palatable to swallow!


2 whole heads of garlic

1lb / 450g Honey

Peel the cloves of garlic and remove the base of each clove. Crush or very finely chop all the cloves. Now put into a mortar and pestle and pound the garlic until it becomes mushy. Add the honey 2 tablespoons at a time and continue to pound the mixture to mix it thoroughly.

When all the honey and garlic is well mixed, place in a sterilised glass jar.

DOSE: As a tonic or preventative 1/2 teaspoon daily.

            As a remedy 1/2 teaspoon 3 times daily, or 6 times daily in acute conditions.

Take directly, or add to lemon and water, drinks or milk.

In infants and children, you can rub the mixture onto the souls of the feet. It will travel into the blood stream and the whole body.

Store in the fridge.

Love Light & Blessings

Tamsin xx

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