My name is Tamsin 
 I welcome you to my website.

I have created this site with the intention of helping you and everyone who visits this site to take the first step to helping your body heal. 
We all have the ability to take back our health but sometimes we need a little help!
I am a natural born witch, healer and psychic with 20yrs experience in the field.
I am also the author of a healing book, which 
uses my many years of accumulated knowledge to help guide you to better health and harmony in your life!

Spiritual Healing level 1 & 2 
Beauty Therapist CIBTEC
Herbalism Diploma S.N.S.H Herb 

Advanced Herbalism Diploma S.N.S.H Avd Herb 

Crystal & Sound Healing 
Bamboo Massage
AuraSoma level 1
AuraSoma level 2 
Emotion Code Healing 

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