Healing 1 hour 
Cost 40€ 

Healing brings balance to all the bodies
(emotional, mental, spiritual and physical)

It works by bringing our energy centres (chakras) back into balance, which in turn balances the endocrine system in the body.

 Healing triggers our own innate healing energy that we all have inside us.

Healing sessions can include a combination of any or all of the following:

Spiritual Healing (Sacred Touch)
Crystal Healing

Healing's are tailored to suit individual needs, as no two people are the same!
Healing can be sent distantly for those living further away. The results are the same as being physically present. We will arrange a time for you to sit quietly while I heal from  distanty. Upon completion of the healing I will message you with details of the healing and advise on any issues etc. 
Payment by Paypal or bank transfer in advance of the healing.

Available In Ontinyente, Valencia,  Spain

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