2 Day Workshops
I am pleased to be able to offer 2 day workshops with an overnight stay.

Workshops can be booked to suit any two sequential days.

All meals included: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 evening meal (with wine!)

Start time 11 o’clock until 6 o’clock both days.

1-4 people in shared accommodation

(2 single beds in downstairs apartment, 2 single beds in bedroom in main house).

Workshops available:

Healing Workshop. Designed to learn more about how to bring health and harmony into your everyday life. Learning about the chakras, aura and how they connect to the physical body will be explored in depth.

Angel Workshop. Learn how to connect to and use the Angelic energy that is available. Includes guided meditations to connect to your guardian angel. We will explore the different types of angels, including the Archangels and how they can be used for specific areas that you need help in.

Crystal Workshop. This is an in depth delve into the crystal realm. Learning how to get the most out of your crystals. Choosing, cleansing and using crystals are just some of the areas that will be covered, as well as crystal layouts and grids to manifest what you want in life!

Natural Magick Workshop. This is a beginners delve into the Witches realm. Understanding the elements, nature and herbal lore are just some of the things that will be covered!

Cost per person per workshop: 255€


  1. Which city are these workshops ?? Am for India ...interested in crystal Workshop

  2. Which city do u hold these workshops in ?? Am form India ..interests dto know about the crystal workshop